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on CSS

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Learn to write CSS that works!

If you've ever wondered how to use CSS in today's browsers to achieve working, interesting, and even artistic effects, this book is for you!

In a followup to his popular Eric Meyer on CSS, Eric A. Meyer, regarded by many as the most experienced CSS master working today, pairs his knowledge of CSS, HTML, and browser capabilities with a carefully developed hands-on-learning method to provide you with 10 full-color projects that help you learn through example rather than theory. Each of the projects is cross-browser compatible in modern browsers and provides you with numerous opportunities to experiment with the concepts presented:

From converting HTML-based layouts to creating a CSS Zen Garden design, from dropdown menus to multicolumn layout, from padding to positioning, this book sets out to show readers how CSS is really used and really useful.

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Table of Contents

  1. Converting an Existing Page
  2. Styling a Photo Collection
  3. Styling a Financial Report
  4. Positioning in the Background
  5. List-Based Menus
  6. CSS-Driven Drop-Down Menus
  7. Opening the Doors to Attractive Tabs
  8. Styling a Weblog
  9. Designing a Home Page
  10. Designing in the Garden