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Eric's knowledge and mastery of CSS enables him to write authoritatively on the subject. Yet he writes with this personal, familiar tone that's easy to read and understand. This combination in a teacher makes for the best of both worlds—whether you're trying to learn something new, or expand on your own accumulated knowledge. In addition to walking you through the concepts behind the "how" of what he's doing, Eric effortlessly explains the "why." I advocate that understanding the why's of CSS are just as important as the how's. With the project-based approach of this book and its predecessor, Eric strikes just the right balance between the two.
Douglas Bowman
Eric Meyer is to CSS what Michelin is to guidebooks. His knowledge of CSS is encyclopedic, his creative concepts are practical and relevant, and his ability to put even complex ideas into straightforward, designer-friendly language is unsurpassed. Reading his previous book raised my awareness of what CSS offers designers. After absorbing his new book, I plan to raise my rates.
Jeffrey Zeldman
Author of Designing With Web Standards
Editor in Chief, A List Apart
Eric Meyer and Jeffrey Zeldman actually make standards sexy. Yes, by converting to CSS-based techniques you make your designs more flexible, accessible, and gracefully degrade, but you also lose wait, and gain pizzazz. Chapter 6, "CSS-Driven Drop-Down Menus," where Meyer shows how to create JavaScript-free nested pull-down menus, is worth the price of the book alone.
Andy King
Author of Speed Up Your Site
Publisher, Optimization Week and WebReference Update